Can the school define its own types of incidents that match the school’s needs?

Yes. In iSchool there are 4 types of ‘incidents’ that can be recorded:-

  • Concerns
  • Accidents
  • Observations
  • Restraints

Under each incident type there is then a drop-down list of categories you can select from which can be tailored to the individual school’s requirements, e.g. under ‘Observations’ you may select from ‘Hygiene’, ‘Behaviour’, ‘Attitude’ or ‘Cleanliness’.  ‘Super admin’ users are to manage their own glossaries and add categories that are meaningful to their school and in line with their safeguarding policy.

In ‘Accidents’ you have a different set of questions but say, for ‘Location of the Accident’ you can have a list of school-specific locations to select from.

iSchool guides the user through the system to answer questions and record information in a way that then means it is fully reportable. Where possible we avoid free text boxes which means reports on that data can be created.