What is iSchool?

iSchool is a software package for monitoring, recording and reporting safeguarding or welfare issues in your school, developed in conjunction with school Designated Safeguarding Leads. We make recording of information simple and quick for all users.

Central recording of information enables Designated Safeguarding Leads to proactively assign actions that need to be taken. iSchool is flexible so that school-specific record requirements can be captured. iSchool provides the ability to report easily to relevant parties such as school governors on safeguarding matters.

iSchool Benefits

Centralised administration It is an intuitive system allowing the user to enter information quickly and easily. School specific categories of information can be defined. The reports from iSchool are then meaningful to the school using it.
Compatible with MIS systems Data can be exchanged with Management Information Systems such as SIM so that pupil records are kept up to date.
Reporting Reporting templates are already set up in iSchool so that with a click of a button you can download a report relevant for a OFSTED visit or Governors meeting. The content of the report can be controlled by the user dependent on the detail required.
Chronological and linked data Case reports around individuals, family groups or school faculty can be built at the touch of a button in a format that is easy to read.
Flexible iSchool fits with the schools current safeguarding process. It can be used across devices, including tablets and mobile phones, allowing staff to record information in a timely manner.
Customisable iSchool can be tailored enabling the school to decide what categories of information they want to record and report.
Action-Based iSchool provides the ability to manage communication and recording of completion of actions that is fully auditable.


Introductory Offer

iSchool normally costs £795/year.

Sign up in 2018 and get your first term for free.

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